Mirror of youtube-dl, just in case they take it down again

Updated 1 week ago

Vim script 0 0

My dotfiles, configuration files, helper scripts and other examples

Updated 4 months ago

Backup of Microsoft Toolkit

Updated 7 months ago

Ansible playbooks for deploying FAI server, libvirt kvm host with PCIe passthrough and iSCSI initiator, and UPS monitoring on Rapsberry Pi

Updated 11 months ago

FAI config space with minimal configuration to set up LUKS encrypted RAID with LVM and prepare host for further installation with Ansible

Updated 1 year ago

Simple and clean blog theme for hugo, based on Vienna theme

Updated 1 year ago

Designated maintainer of NSD helper script

Updated 1 year ago

Mirror of the script by Janne Pulkkinen

Updated 4 years ago