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[generic] Improve KVS (etc) extraction
4 weeks ago
downloader [utils, etc] Kill child processes when yt-dl is killed 6 months ago
extractor [generic] Improve KVS (etc) extraction 4 weeks ago
postprocessor [postprocessor] Don't replace existing value with null metadata parsed from title 4 months ago
YoutubeDL.py [core] Avoid processing empty format list after removing bad formats 4 months ago
__init__.py Introduce --output-na-placeholder (closes #27896) 2 years ago
aes.py [netease] Get netease music download url through player api (#31235) 2 months ago
cache.py [cache] Add cache validation by program version, based on yt-dlp 3 months ago
casefold.py [compat] Work around in case folding for narrow Python build 1 month ago
compat.py [compat] Unify unicode/str compat and move up 1 month ago
jsinterp.py [JSInterp] Improve separation logic 2 months ago
options.py [options] Document that postprocessing is not forced by --postprocessor-args 3 months ago
update.py [update] Fix updating via symlinks (closes #23991) 3 years ago
utils.py [utils] Backport traverse_obj (etc) from yt-dlp (#31156) 1 month ago
version.py release 2021.12.17 12 months ago