18646 Commits (master)

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dirkf 195f22f679
[generic] Improve KVS (etc) extraction 2 weeks ago
dirkf fc2beab0e7
[generic] Improve KVS (etc) extraction 2 weeks ago
FraFraFra-LongD 1a4fbe8462
Added ThisVid.com support (#29187) 2 weeks ago
dirkf c2f9be3e63
[generic] Add KVS player extraction 2 weeks ago
dirkf 604762a9f8
[common:jwplayer] Improve jwplayer extraction and parsing (#31000) 2 weeks ago
Moises Lima 47e70fff8b
[PeekVids, PlayVids] Add new extractor (#29765) 2 weeks ago
dirkf de39d1281c
[extractor/ceskatelevize] Back-port extractor from yt-dlp, etc (#30713) 3 weeks ago
Andrei Lebedev 27ed77aabb
[utils] Backport traverse_obj (etc) from yt-dlp (#31156) 3 weeks ago
dirkf c4b19a8816
[compat] Work around in case folding for narrow Python build 4 weeks ago
dirkf 087ddc2371
[compat] Add test for compat_casefold() 4 weeks ago
dirkf 65ccb0dd4e
[compat] Add test for compat_casefold() 4 weeks ago
dirkf a874871801
[compat] Reformat casefold.py for easier updating 4 weeks ago
dirkf b7c25959f0
[compat] Unify unicode/str compat and move up 4 weeks ago
dirkf f102e3dc4e
[compat] Add compat_casefold and compat_re_Match, for traverse_obj() port 4 weeks ago
dirkf a19855f0f5
[compat] Add Python 2 Unicode casefold using a trivial wrapper around icu/CaseFolding.txt 4 weeks ago
Xie Yanbo ce5d36486e
[netease] Support urls shared from mobile app (#31304) 4 weeks ago
Xie Yanbo d25cf62086
[netease] Impove error handling (#31303) 4 weeks ago
dirkf 502cefa41f
[Vimeo] Update variable name in hydration JSON pattern 1 month ago
dirkf 0faa45d6c0
[BongaCams] Support new .net domain 1 month ago
ache 447edc48e6
Fix ADN extractor (#31275) 1 month ago
dirkf ee8560d01e
[ManyVids] Support new single-page app structure 2 months ago
dirkf 7135277fec
[ManyVids] Support new single-page app structure 2 months ago
dirkf 7bbd5b13d4
[Motherless] Pull from yt-dlp, etc 2 months ago
Xie Yanbo c91cbf6072
[netease] Get netease music download url through player api (#31235) 2 months ago
dirkf 11b284c81f
[Common:JWPlayer] Fix x1000 scaling error 2 months ago
dirkf c94a459a24
[utils] Sanitize look-alike Unicode glyphs in non-ID filename fields when --restrict-filenames 2 months ago
dirkf 6e2626f092
[JSInterp] Improve separation logic 2 months ago
dirkf c282e5f8d7 [ZDF] Overhaul ZDF extractors 2 months ago
dirkf 2ced5a7912 [test] Implement string "lambda x: condition(x)" as an expected value 2 months ago
Xiyue 82e4eca711
[motherless] Fixed the broken uploader_id in the extractor (#31243) 2 months ago
dirkf 1b1442887e
[manyvids] Improve extraction (#31172) 2 months ago
dirkf 22127b271c
[NRK] Remove explicit Accept-Encoding header that invites Brotli 2 months ago
coletdjnz d35557a75d [Telegraaf] Use mobile GraphQL API endpoint 2 months ago
dirkf 9493ffdb8b [test] Use windows-2019 for tests 2 months ago
pukkandan 7009bb9f31 [jsinterp] Workaround operator associativity issue 3 months ago
dirkf 218c423bc0 [cache] Add cache validation by program version, based on yt-dlp 3 months ago
dirkf 55c823634d [jsinterp] Handle new YT players 113ca41c, c57c113c 3 months ago
dirkf 4050e10a4c [options] Document that postprocessing is not forced by --postprocessor-args 3 months ago
dirkf ed5c44e7b7 [compat] Replace deficient ChainMap class in Py3.3 and earlier 3 months ago
dirkf 0f6422590e [compat] Replace deficient ChainMap class in Py3.3 and earlier 3 months ago
dirkf 4c6fba3765 [jsinterp] Improve try/catch/finally support 3 months ago
dirkf d619dd712f [jsinterp] Fix bug in operator precedence 3 months ago
dirkf 573b13410e [YouTube] Improve error check for n-sig processing 3 months ago
dirkf 66e58dccc2 [core] Avoid processing empty format list after removing bad formats 3 months ago
dirkf 556862bc91 [utils] Ensure RFC3986 encoding result is unicode 3 months ago
gudata a8d5316aaf
[infoq] Avoid crash if the page has no `mp3Form` 3 months ago
dirkf fd3f3bebd0 [uktvplay] Support domain without .uktv 3 months ago
dirkf 46b8ae2f52 [jsinterp] Clean up and pull yt-dlp style 3 months ago
dirkf 538ec65ba7
[jsinterp] Handle regexp literals and throw/catch execution (#31182) 3 months ago
dirkf b0a60ce203
[jsinterp] Improve JS language support (#31175) 3 months ago