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FAI config space with minimal configuration to set up LUKS encrypted RAID with LVM and prepare host for further installation with Ansible
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# example of new config file for setup-storage
# <type> <mountpoint> <size> <fs type> <mount options> <misc options>
disk_config sda disklabel:gpt bootable:1 fstabkey:uuid
primary - 128M - -
primary - 0- - -
disk_config sdb sameas:sda
disk_config raid
raid1 /boot/efi sda1,sdb1 vfat defaults mdcreateopts="--metadata=0.90"
raid1 - sda2,sdb2 - -
disk_config cryptsetup
luks:"fai" - /dev/md1 - - lukscreateopts="--type luks1"
disk_config lvm
vg haze md1
haze-root / 10G ext4 rw,noatime